( written on 06/10/2003 )  



    It is said that Jupiter in Leo is stronger than Jupiter in Cancer.     Many astrological savants did predict a stock market boom in 2002, which never did happen.  But once Rahu entered Aries, the Rupee and the Sensex moved forward registering phenomenal gains.    A favourable Rahu in the 10th and Jupiter in the lunar second can only mean that - a stock market and a forex     boom for India !


    Stock market transactions need skill of a high order.  There are successful    persons who   have made it a great art. Almost all the house are involved .   The    2nd is the house of    accumulated Wealth. The 5th rules intelligent speculation. The 9th rules Fortune or Luck which can make you or break you. The 11th rules income and the fulfillment of all desires. . The 12th House indicates loss, a reality in the stock markets.  8th House refers to unexpected gains. The 10th House rules profession. The 4th house refers to mental balance, a quality which is needed in an investor. The Ascendant is the base for any activity. The 7th house rules   spouse, who can console us in times of loss. In other words, almost all the houses are important in a Natal or Horary chart, when one thinks about long-term/short-term investments in the highly volatile share market.


    While assessing a horoscope for equity investment, we have to take the trinal lords ( the lords of 1, 5 & 9 ) into consideration. If the trinal lords are well placed and powerful,  Rahu in  3,6,9 & 11 houses &  Jupiter angular,     then stock market success is      guaranteed. Angular    Jupiter can impart immense Divine Grace, which         will prompt the  investor to  take  the  correct decision regarding selling & buying.  Rahu represents    the gambling urge.          The 5th lord represents speculative ability, the 9th luck and the Ascendant lord, business ability. 

    Venusian Transit

    Venus rules media scrips. Mukta Arts  and TV 18 are expected to do well. Venus rules vehicles and Maruti and TELCO is bound to go up. Venus in Libra is powerful and can lift the market up. Bajaj Auto is another scrip which has got good potential.

    Solar Transit 

    In the Government of the Almighty, Sun is the King and Moon is the Queen.    ( Rajanou Ravi Sheetagu ). Sun is nearing his deep debilitation sign &  will enter Libra, on 18th   October. This explains the verdict of the Supreme Court     against the disinvestment of    HPCL &      BPCL &  the reluctance      of the politicians to disinvest HP & BP, which has affected the shares   of these companies.  There may not be any immediate disinvestment. These scrips have got high potential but may not move  up immediately. Invest in these scrips only if you have a long term investment plan.


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