Stock Market Astrology Part XIV

                                    ( Copyright G Kumar - 16/12/2003)


    Fibonacci Numbers


    The Italian mathematician Leonardo de Pisa Fibonacci was a maths wizard. He discovered that there exits a periodic pattern in numbers. His numbers are known as the Fibonacci numbers. The last number is the sum of the earlier 2 digits. If you take a ratio ( known as the Golden Ratio, it will be 1.618 ( this is known as Phi )) . In Nature, in Geometry, in architecture and everywhere you can see the Fibonacci numbers in motion ! 

    This explains why Plato defined Deity as the Great Geometer ! He is playing with Time, He is playing with Space, He is playing with Geometry !

    These are the numbers knowns as Fibonacci numbers


    0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,610,987,1597,2584,4181,6765,10946,17711,28657,46368,75025,121393,196418 ........


    Fibonacci numbers can be used in Stock Market Astrology along with Numerology.


    Now that the Sensex is languishing at 5390 levels, we have to exercise more caution and prudence. We cannot afford to forget the basic principles of Contrarian investing - " Buy when everybody is selling and sell when everybody is buying."


    There are many who think that the market has reached an overbought zone. The market has only peaked by 70%. Still there is still more distance to be traversed. Secondary and tertiary reactions can happen. There will always be sideways movements also ( Some scrips coming down when the Sensex goes up ). All economic factors are favourable ( thanks to Jupiter in the lunar second ). You can book profit but be aware that that the market has not reached the Zenith !


    Profit booking is always good. Only when you book profit can you get actual cash in your hands. Paper profits are no good. It can only satisfy our ego. Yesterday I booked profit in CMC. I had bought the script at 465 and I sold it at 576, a profit of 111 points ! After selling it went up to 582!  Let it go up. Let the man who bought it get some profit ! I already got my profit. That is enough. The money thus released can be recycled. Bharti Tele, BSES, Maruti, PNB, OBC, Andhra Bank, ONGC all seems to be bear hammered and can still go up.


    Patience - the main criterion for Success  


    The main quality needed in the stock market is patience. Patience is the companion of wisdom and not only can patience pay rich dividends in the spiritual sphere but also in the material sphere !


    Patience is the strength of the weak
    Also the ornament of the strong !
    ( Kshama Balam Ashakthanam
    Shakthanam Bhooshanam Kshama )
    Research - A must for success


    Another quality which is needed in the stock market is research. " The not so well researched lose money " says W D Gann. Research was identified by Adam Smith, the father of Economics, as the main element needed for success. Look at the way the well researched FII s are minting money ! 


    In order to help the public, we have given a Companies Database on our site. The Intrinsic Market Value of each scrip is highlighted. We have given the Intrinsic Market Value of more than 800 blue chip companies. The Intrinsic Market Value is the base of investing. It indicates the potential worth of a scrip and can be a major aid in an investment decision.


    So now the time has come for some profit booking. Do not bother if the scrip which you sell goes up. Remember the adage of the market ' The smartness of the operator lies in booking loss and not in booking profit". Profit booking is the main objective of the stock market. During my infancy in the stock market, many booms passed me by and I did not book profit at the proper time. Later on, I learnt via the method of trial and error, the bad effects of not booking profit at the proper time. If we dont book profit, booms will pass us by and we will be without any actual profit !


    Astro Technology & Yoga Technology.


    Can Astro Technology bring home the bacon ( in the stock market )? Yes, it can ! Astro Technology is only subservient to Yoga Technology, which is Absolute Knowledge or Knowledge of the Absolute !



    Jupiter in Leo, in the lunar second has brought about this boom. India's forex reserves have crossed $ 97 billion and will cross the 100 billion mark. India's software, auto, bank, steel and auto components sectors have performed admirably. The GNP growth is 7.4 percent. Look at auto scrips, Telco, M& M, Maruti ! Look at the auto components scrip Bharat Forge & Ucal. Look at Tisco and Jisco. Look at ICICI Bank and SBI. Look at tech scrips Infy, Hughes, Wipro & Satyam ! Jupiter rules banks and Rahu rules IT. These 2 sectors are leading the rally, thanks to Jove and the North Node !


    Philosophical Piece


    It was the Rishies who first computed Time and they declared that 15 degrees = 1 hour and that a day is made up of 24 Horas or hours. ( Ardha Rasi Bhaveth Hora Chathurvimshathi Smrithah ). The English word hour is derived from the Sanskrit word Hora. In other words, a day is 24*60*60 or 86400 seconds. 4 seconds is called a Pranakala or an Asu. A day is made up of 86400 seconds or 21600 Asus. Man's exhalation and inhalation span is 4 seconds, the span of an Asu. Man's exhalation and inhalation is in the form " Soham" ( I am He ). In other words, during a day, man unconsciously affirms his identity with the Creator, 21600 times a day !  
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