For the time being, it is better  to  hold on and wait for the market to be bullish.  

Last month exports .went up by  68%  to 32 billion

India has vaccinated 800 million  so far. It is  reported that the third wave of Covid may  last 98 days.

We find that the stock market fell heavily and then recovered     remarkably and now is at 60 K.

Indian  metros are  unlocking, but then, unless we exercise prudence and caution, this too can be dangerous. Doctors averr that the 3rd Wave will last 98 days, but cannot predict when 

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Sat   Jup  



VenMer    SunMar


One friend opined that, if History repeats itself, present circumstances may lead to Depression 2.0 , which may eventually lead to WW3 ! ( like last time, Depression 1.0   ended in WW2 )            

The stock market is expected to play a game of hide and seek, going up and down, so characteristic of a transitional phase!  

The cost of  the 440 million vaccines which India has ordered, along with the cost  of free ration is 20 billion ! China donated  1 million Sinovac doses to Nepal!

When I got  up at 0500  AM, tremendous  rains lashed Kerala and Mumbai  and Kerala seemed to be shivering under the wrath of  Mrigasira, as the Sun transits Lambda Orionis ! ( Makeeryam Njattuvela started yesterday, 080621  at 0644 AM). Another powerful downpour started at 0900 AM (  Remember Kedarnath Tragedy occurred during this Transit)

With Angular Saturn, Kandaka  SHANI  and Jupiter in the adverse 8th , India is going    through      a bad phase. Only a temporary phenomenon,  as March  marches off !

We have to implement  the principle  " sell when everybody is buying and buy when everybody is selling" for stock market success. This is Contrarian Investing. It is difficult to judge whether this is the  Correction Phase or the Impulse Phase. 






Stock Market movements are governed by mainly five factors - fundamental, technical, macroeconomic, political & planetary !


Nelson who wrote the 'ABC of  Stock Speculation ' designated the research findings of Dow Jones as the Dow Jones Theory. Charles Dow was frank in stating that his Theory is not infallible and that the real method of forecasting the duration or extent of a primary trend was unknown to Technical Analysis !


Identifying the Primary Trend is difficult. Even Secondary Reactions are deceptive. There is only one Science which can forecast this and it is Stock Market Astrology !

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It is said that the legendary stock market and commodities trader, W D Gann made 50 million dollars from the stock market. He used astro charts for trading. How famous is his wheat chart ! One of his close friends wrote "It is very difficult for me to remember all the predictions and operations of Mr. Gann which may be classed as phenomenal, but the following are a few: In 1908 when Union Pacific was 168-1/8, he told me that it would not touch 169 before it had a good break. We sold it short all the way down to 152-5/8, covering on the weak spots and putting it out again on the rallies, securing twenty-three points profit out of an eighteen point wave."

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Astrology is the Science that enlightens like a lamp in darkness "
We have defined the Bear Phase as that 
long primary downward movement, 
characterised by secondary rallies. The primary
 trend can never be manipulated.
Since the Sensex and the Nifty are moving towards a
Bull  Phase, we have to find
out methods how to make money in a
rising  market

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For the practitioners of value investing, the onee name that probably comes above all else is 'Warren E Buffett', the legendary value investor who arguably played the biggest part in executing the teachings of masters like Graham and Philip Fisher in the real world and making an extraordinary success story out of it. While it is true that he has learnt a lot from the master we have just mentioned, his own larder of investment wisdom is anything but empty. And fortunately for us, over the past many years he has been dishing it out in the form of letters that he religiously writes to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway year after year.

In the stock market, there are only 2 phases, the Impulse Phase and the Corrective Phase. Most traders make money during the Impulse Phase and lose it during the Corrective Phase.


Tide- Wave - Ripple Theory - 3 Major Movements of the Ocean ( Stock Market )


The primary movement is the Tide, the secondary movement is the Wave and tertiary movement, the Ripple. The three movements of the Stock Market can be compared to the three movements of the Ocean.


The Impulse Phase is based on the Primary Trend. If it is a long upward movement, then the Impulse Phase is an Uptide and if the primary movement is downward, then it is a Downtide.
In order to capitalise on market fluctuations, you have to do your homework properly. Study the scrip you want to play. Study its top and bottom levels. You can only short sell at the Resistance level and never  at the Support level.  


Summing up, we have to play the according to the market and play it correctly using the Impulse Phase and avoiding the Corrective Phase. People generally lose during the Corrective Phase. The stock market is cyclical and the Impulse Phase is always replaced by a Corrective Phase and vice verse. He who knows the cyclical nature of the stock market alone can succeed ! Timing is everything and one can use the end of both the phases for profit.


( About Me, my name is Govind Kumar but people call me G Kumar. Here is my home page: I  work as an astrologer and writer,  eAstroVedica,  Guruvayur,  and has more  than 24 years offline and 14 years online experience.) We have to understand that the primary trend now is Bullish, viz an Uptide. There was a secondary correction from June 1 to June 11, when the market gained 200 odd points to reach 4960. Then after the 7th day of correction or the Corrective Phase, it reacted and now is at 4741 !  During these rallies, the intelligent sell off their stocks. In a Bull Phase, secondary reactions last for 7 to 8 days. These reactions are also very deceptive, giving the impression that the market is falling. During these reactions, the intelligent accumulate stocks and sell off at the peak of the primary trend.
In a Bear Market, Corrective Phase is Bullish and vice verse.


In a Bear Market, Impulse Phase is bearish.


Uptide - The Primary Upward Movement


Downtide - The Primary Downward Movement


While turnover in the Cash segment is 30000 crores per day, at Derivatives segment it is 18000 crores.


During Downtide, the best Option is Put. You must watch the Resistance and the Support levels of the scrip you are going to take the Option in. The SBI scrip reacted from 500 onwards and is now at 430. If suppose you had taken SBI Put at 480, you still gain 50 rupees per share. The Resistance Level of SBI is 500 now and the Support level is 407.


The Wave like Nature of the Stock Market



               SunRah     VenMerMar
  JupMoo             RASI  







                 Stock Market Astrology Part II  

                             ( written on 28/09/2003 ) 


"The great fortunes on stock exchanges have been made not by those who knew what to buy and sell but by those who have mastered the art of buying and selling at the correct time and price "

In the Stock Market timing is all important


Portfolio Management Astrology

Astrology can be a diagnostic tool like Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. 

One should understand one's beneficial planets and invest in the industries ruled by those planets. If Jupiter is strong in your horoscope, you can invest in Pharma shares like Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy's, Aurobindo Pharma & Divi's Labs. . If Venus is strong, you can invest in Auto Industry shares  like Maruti and Tata Motors. . If Mercury is strong, you can invest in Telecommunications like Bharti Tele, MTNL & Shyam Tele. . Saturn rules Steel and if you find Saturn powerful in your horoscope, you can invest in steel shares such as SAIL, Tisco, Jisco & Jindal Steel. Mars rules electricity and if Mars is powerful in your natal chart, you can invest in shares such as BSES , Tata Power & Alsthom Power. If Rahu is strong, IT shares like Infosys, HCL Info & Hughes Software. . Oil is ruled by Saturn and such shares as IOC, ONGC etc are good choices if your Saturn is powerful.  PSU shares are ruled by the Sun and BP, HP etc can bring home the bacon if Sun be indeed strong in your horoscope.

While picking shares, one should avoid Chandrashtama and negative transits. Beneficial Jupiter can veto all other negative transits. The Transit of the North Node, Rahu is also very important. ( I only entered the market when my Jupiter transited the 2nd and Rahu the 10th and my Portfolio is showing profit ). Venus also ruled business and has a major say in stock market dynamics. One should consult not only a financial expert but also an astrologer as Luck can be a major factor in stock market speculation.

Knowledge - a Prerequisite

Knowledge of Stock Market dynamics is also a prerequisite. One should understand the Wave Theory - that the Stock Market fluctuates all the time, even within a day. If it is a Bull run, then the Market will rise but only as a Wave. If it is a Bear Phase, the Market will descend as a Wave. The Market reacted after touching an all time high of 4469 this time. It descended as a Wave to 4105 and then ascended to today' s level of 4382 ! If you can take advantage of the small booms and busts within the Bull Phase or the Bear Phase, Fortune will favour you !

The two emotions which rule are Greed & Fear. If you can control Greed and Fear, you have won ! If you can keep your equanimity when everybody seems to lose theirs, Fortune will grace you. If on the other hand, if you succumb to Greed and Fear, you will be part of the crowd. Being part of the crowd will get you nowhere; you can only make others rich !

Speculation - A dangerous temptation

You may  be  tempted to speculate. Avoid speculation. A speculator is he who takes big risks to gain profits. Be an intelligent investor ( an investor is he who takes only calculated risks ). If you gain because of speculation one day, the next day you will lose. "What you gain on the swings, you lose on the roundabouts", remarks Peter Lynch.

Contrarian Investing

If you had entered TISCO at 130, by now your capital would have been doubled. Just imagine if the Sensex reaches 5500 or above. TISCO will be 500 ! So this calculated risk is what the intelligent investor should take. Not only TISCO but other good scrips will aid you in capital appreciation. Be a good contrarian investor, one who buys cheap and sells dear ! 

Risk Management

It is true that high returns have high risks associated with it. So we should not be too greedy and if we get decent profit, we should get out of that scrip. Paper profits are no good and booking profits is the most essential aspect of investment. If you dont sell your shares at the proper time ( known as the Contrarian's skill of selling high ), you cannot in reality make profits. Now the Market is dominated by the FIIs ( Foreign Institutional Investors ) whose habit is to book profit immediately. They will not wait , like Harshad Mehta, for ACC to become 10000!. So understand the nature of the market. Book profits every now and then. If you book profits, your money is freed for recycling. You can buy other scrips at declines. Since the market is ever  fluctuating and never steady at the same Index, , you will get opportunity to buy at declines. A bust is an opportunity for buying. A boom is an opportunity for selling.  Manage your risks !

Cash Flow and the Stock Market

The FIIs so far have invested more than $ 14 billion. This cash flow has enabled the Sensex to reach 4382. If they withdraw this cash, the market will come down. During boomtime, money chases stocks. Now it is money chasing stocks. You should beware about the Bear Phase. It will be shares chasing money, then ! So book profits every now and then and be on your toes ! 


Electional Astrology

Hart de Fow and Robert Svoboda in their book " Timing & Astrology" remarks that the best days which are auspicious are,  in order, Thursday, Friday, Monday and Wednesday.  If you plan long-term investments,  you should select these days for picking up potential blue-chips.

This article is not based merely on theoretical principles. I have been dabbling in the Stock Market since 1987 and some scrips have given me good returns. Reliance ( my Venus is favourably posited in the 11th in Taurus ), Infosys ( my Rahu favourably posited in the 6th, in Sagittarius ) & Dhanalakshmi Bank  ( my Jupiter is  in the Ascendant in Cancer ) have given me good capital appreciation!  Experience is the best teacher !